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Training to Be Balanced is not defined by a word or simple description: gym, club, personal training, drop-in or punch card facility – it is a three-dimensional fitness training philosophy for living adventurously.  T2BB is a community within a community, a wave of positive energy, inspiring like-minded individuals to achieve results. In a world often over-stressed and out of balance, we foster a culture of success – from the de-conditioned to the recreational to the elite athlete.


T2BB’s new 3,000 square foot facility is designed to be the best fitness training facility in the area. T2BB’s training programs reach beyond the basic aesthetic goals, addressing individual performance ability, postural and neuromuscular imbalance, and personal fitness goals.


T2BB's expert fitness instruction is known for its attentiveness, progression, balanced body and quality challenge within multi-faceted Semi Private and Team training settings.  Our partnerships (previously referred to as memberships) offer a guided road map to successful fitness training for a balanced body and life.  In addition, our goal based training programs sustain our mission to look, feel and perform better.


Click Here for more info on the VALUE OF A PARTNERSHIP

We have recently replaced the term membership with the more accurate - partnership. A partnership with T2BB means establishing a personal relationship – built on trust, responsibility and results. The results you will realize through a partnership with T2BB are rooted in the development of the very best workouts, the delivery of unparalleled service and a genuine devotion to education empowerment. Walk through the doors at T2BB and you enter a very personal, encouraging environment where all of the partners are active in creating a culture of positive change.

We are proud of what we do here at T2BB and strongly feel, if given the chance - you will want to continue a partnership with us! T2BB has been servicing our community for over 10 years and we are proud to be a locally owned and operated business. With everything that goes into our just-right-priced-partnerships – you’re monthly attendance divided by the overall rate is better than any punch card in the valley! You do the math! Or we can show you...


Health, strength, wellness and results are not achieved with a 10-punch card, random personal training or a month-to-month membership. This is why we at T2BB only offer annual partnerships - for long term success.  In addition to long term success, weekly progression and class intensity levels drop when catering to the 10 punch or month to month student. 

This may mean that our fitness facility is not for everyone! If you are looking for results, can consider a longer term commitment and you appreciate quality - then we may be a great fit for you. If sticker price is all you may see and is ultimately the deciding factor - without considering the value behind the offer, we think you might be missing what it is we offer.

We strongly feel we are the best at what we do and we are most definitely worth it!

Click Here for more info on OUR POLICIES

Semi Private Training Scheduling:  Do I need 2 other friends to schedule a Semi private training session or do you do it for me?

T2BB schedules and fills all semi private sessions, you just show up and join others in the hour. You are only responsible for contacting the General Manager and setting up your schedule in advance.  Pre-set, monthly or even weekly scheduling are acceptable, so long as you take responsibility to set them up. Note: T2BB re-evaluates up to two (2) times a year, so there is opportunity to reset your schedule based upon seasonal changes.  At times, the General Manager may have to ask members to flex their scheduled Semi Private times to help accommodate other members.

Rollover Training Sessions:  If I do not use all of my allocated sessions within the month, can I transfer them over to the following month?

Unfortunately no. All members are allocated a certain number of training sessions per month to be used whenever during that month. Rollovers for Semi-Private sessions are NOT permissible in any partnership except the Titanium, Platinum and Platinum Plus (partnerships that no longer exist as a new option after September 2014).  

Appointment Based Center:
  May I come in and train on my own at anytime?
Yes. However, it is still appointment based (via online) and you may only follow T2BB provided workouts. Blitz Training – is available for self-signup, a variety of times per day for self-guided under one-hour workouts. 

Progressive Group Training:  Is it okay to start one of the themed Group Training sessions even though my partnership began in the middle of the month?

Yes, for sure. Although you can attend any Group Training any time, it is recommended you attend near the beginning of each month, as all Group Trainings are progressive. However, Fitness Coaches will modify instruction for you based on your level of fitness. 

Group Training canceled by T2BB:  What if T2BB cancels a Group class on me?

T2BB requires three (3) or more members to run any Group Training or it will be cancelled.  T2BB will give the same minimum two (2) hour advance notice to members in that session and will place members into another class, should another class be available (on that same day).  

Semi Private Training canceled by T2BB:  What if T2BB cancels a Semi private session on me?

T2BB will occasionally need to reschedule a member due to other member cancellations.  T2BB will always respectfully ask a member if he/she is able to reschedule to a different time or day.  A member is not at will to oblige a change in our schedule, though it is appreciated, as we do the same for our clients when their schedules shift and change regularly.
Note: If T2BB cancels last minute without sufficient timing or if a Fitness Coach misses an appointment, T2BB will grant you an additional complementary semi-private, in addition to a reschedule of your missed appointment.

Upgrades:  May I upgrade my partnership during my contract? 

Members are of course, allowed to upgrade his/her partnership at anytime during the partnership agreement period.  Once this agreement period has expired and you choose to continue with T2BB, you are eligible to downgrade back to your previous partnership type, continue with the same or choose another partnership type altogether. Note: You are responsible for understanding the new policy information pertaining to the upgraded partnership type. 

Downgrades:  May I downgrade my partnership during my contract?

Downgrades are not permissible during your agreement period. Downgrades are, however, available once your agreement ends, should you decide to renew at that time.  
Note: Up and downgrade rates will always reflect the rate at which was current at time of your original T2BB inception (not the current going rate)!

Agreement:  Do I have to sign an agreement to any partnership option?

Yes. Once a partnership has been purchased by or for you, all members must electronically sign an agreement accessed through your account info online. It is your responsibility to know our policy stated in your contract. Getting Out of the Agreement: What if I need to get out of my agreement?

A breach of agreement may ONLY occur with a Doctor’s written letter or relocation out of the valley. If cancellation occurs without the aforementioned exemptions, he/she is required to pay 80% of the remaining partnership agreement balance respectively upfront.  Monthly auto payments are not permissible if a breach in contract occurs.

What if I act like a crazy person, insult fellow members, refuse to cooperate and understand the mission at T2BB, outrage the Founding Director or worse, his General Manager?

T2BB reserves the right to refuse service to any client or to terminate any client’s partnership at anytime. 

  • Jeter Case

    “I started training with Augie in the fall of 2005. The strength and balance I gained in a short time really improved my snowboarding and made for a much fuller season. This fall once again, Augie has put me on the mountain with much more strength and flexibility. Training with him also helps manage the stress in my life. Simply put, as a 51 year old man who hates the gym but loves the Jackson Hole lifestyle, Augie has honestly enhanced my quality of life.” 

    Jeter Case, Age 51, Owner of J.C. Jewlers, The Next X-Games Snowboard Champion

  • Betsy Hesser

    “In describing a training session with Augie, the following words come to mind: encouragement, sweat, clear goals, and hope. I am a 55 year old woman who has trained with Augie for the last several years. With his help, I was able to climb to 19,000 feet in the Himalayas without being a super jock and will soon be climbing Kilimanjaro [Completed Nov. '05]. Augie's Training to be Balanced LLC approach of training for the movement with emphasis on balance has been the right combination to unlock my formerly challenged athleticism. His physical therapy background and emphasis on research based approaches gives Augie a broad base of knowledge that allows me to safely push the envelope without getting injured. There is no drudgery in working with Augie. He finds creative ways to achieve the desired results without boring repetition and he is constantly learning new techniques that will move his clients forward. Augie is motivated, motivating, and most of all, fun.”

    Betsy Hesser, Age 55, Psy. D - Late Blooming Athlete

  • Kathy Lynch

    “Training with Augie has completely improved and accelerated my endurance, balance, and core strength. Having been working-out consistently with Augie just under a year [mostly his group classes], I continue to find myself able to ski harder, run longer, and row stronger. This spring, Augie helped me change my running gait from an inefficient, unbalanced lope, to a smooth, highlyefficient stride that allows me to run greater distances while expending less energy and not having joint or back pain when I am done. Best of all, Augie’s creative use of games (remember wheelbarrow races from when we were young?) make workouts fun! Augie's personal dedication to bettering each of his clients' athletic pursuits - no matter what they may be - shines through. Thanks Augie!”

    Kathy Lynch, Age 32, Attorney, Weekend Warrior

  • Peter E. Rork, M.D.

    “There just are not enough hours in the day to get my BOSU work done. So, here is an example of "Take Your BOSU To Work" day. I almost considered going to disability a few years ago because of a back problem. However, working with Augie and the "Train to be Balanced" approach to conditioning and core strengthening, I can see myself working full time with little or no back pain, for many years to come. Thanks, Augie, you are the best!”

    Peter E. Rork, M.D., Age 54, Teton Orthopedics Surgeon, Take Your BOSU To Work Day

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